Modern CAD/CAM milling and grinding machines require large volumes of oil-free, dry and clean compressed air.

For rapid amortisation of investments, the systems should run around the clock, and if possible even at weekends.

This imposes heavy demands on the compressed air supply.

KAESER compressors and compressed air treatment components are more than up to the challenge.




If the higher pressures needed to meet these new demands necessitate the purchase of additional equipment, one must consider whether it might be better to replace the entire compressed air supply. This provides a straightforward and complete solution to eliminate old, recurring problems, such as condensate in the compressed air lines. With their sleek tower design, Kaeser Aircenter units are the best choice

as they comprise a powerful Kaeser rotary screw compressor with the energy-saving Sigma Profile, an integrated refrigeration dryer and underslung 200 or 270 l air receiver – all in a single sleek unit.


The new KCT-series compressors feature pressures from min. 7.5 bar, flow rates of 126 or 210 l/min, a 65 litre air receiver and an integrated dryer –

and are fully capable of supplying a separate CAD/CAM dedicated compressed air supply or a smaller full-service dental laboratory.