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Exceptional Performance:
Permanent Power System

Providing unrivalled performance, KAESER’s "Permanent Power System" (PPS) enables up to 90 percent compressed air availability.
To regenerate the desiccant in the SECCOMAT dryer, the PPS uses a highly efficient process whereby fresh ambient air is drawn in and warmed via the compressor and then passed through the dryer.

Permanent Power System

This technique has several key advantages:

Firstly, the resulting internal cooling of the compressor block increases efficiency and service life.

Secondly, the warmed air is perfect for purge air as it can carry far more moisture than cool air.

This process is also much faster than conventional regeneration methods which use diverted compressed air that is cooled as a result of subsequent expansion. Consequently, the KAESER “Permanent Power System” significantly extends the compressed air system’s power phases and enables unprecedented compressed air availability.

Permanent Power System

Compact PPS control unit
The "Permanent Power System" controls switching via a 4/2-way solenoid valve.