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A soundproof enclosure is available for DENTAL 1T, DENTAL 3T and DENTAL 5T series compressors as a retrofit installation set.
The resulting reduction in sound levels makes selection of a suitable installation location far simpler:
The nearer a compressor is installed to its point of use, the lower the installation effort and the higher the compressor's efficiency.

ModelSound level
with enclosure
D* x W x H
Dental 1T52 db (A)40 kg74 x 66 x 79 cm
Dental 3T60 db (A)40 kg74 x 66 x 79 cm
Dental 5T60 db (A)55 kg79 x 70 x 104 cm
* 30 cm distance is required on both the left and right-hand sides of the unit for ventilation purposes.

Sound enclosure for dental compressors