Kaeser Reintroduces Dental Line in US

Over 50 years of experience in dental compressors

Kaeser Compressors, Inc. – the US affiliate of Germany’s Kaeser Kompressoren - is pleased to reintroduce our premium-quality Dental Compressor line to the US market! Kaeser has been in business for over 90 years providing high quality compressors and related equipment to both commercial and industrial markets. We specialize in matching compressed air systems to our customers’ individual needs.

With over 50 years of dental compressor experience, Kaeser has combined our engineering and manufacturing expertise with the needs of today’s dental practitioners. Our new T-series compressors and Airbox Centers provide a reliable, hygienic supply of compressed air, not only for the safety and comfort of patients, but to ensure the performance of today’s advanced tools and materials.

Kaeser dental compressors are low-vibration, super-quiet units and are virtually maintenance-free with minimal power consumption. Our dental line features a 100% oil free design, Teflon© sleeved pistons, and integral dryers for a continuous supply of clean dry, air at 100% duty cycle. All Kaeser components are precision machined and assembled. In accordance with strict operating procedures, each unit is fully test prior to shipment.
Now partnering with Corestrength and their network of trained and experienced representatives, Kaeser will offer our T series dental compressors and turn-key Airbox Centers to general dentistry, orthodontic, endodontist, and oral surgery practices across the United States. Hospitals, laboratories and medical service facilities are also ideal uses for these precision quality compressed air systems.

Let us put our compressor expertise to work for your practice. For more information on our premium dental compressors, or to find a representative in your area, visit our new website at www.kaeser-dental.com. Plus, you can call us at 800-777-7873.