hlDental Compressors Built for a Lifetimehr

Why choose a Kaeser dental compressor? Because you expect your compressor to provide hygenic - dry and oil-free - compressed air whenever you need it. 

Kaeser has over 50 years of experience in the dental market. Compressed air is all we do - and Kaeser dental compressors provide the quiet, efficient and reliable air systems for dental practices of all sizes.

Superior reliability:

  • Heavy-duty block with durable cast iron cylinders, forged steel connecting rods, and precision-machined aluminum pistons
  • Permanent Power System (PPS) provides internal cooling and longer pump life
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Able to operate in wide temperature range

Exceptional performance:

  • Energy efficient to keep your power bills low
  • Does not use compressed air to purge dryer
  • Very low noise and vibration
  • Lower running temperature reduces load on office air conditioning

Low maintenance and easy service:

  • Kaeser dental compressors are built for years of reliable service with minimal service requirements
  • Easy to clean inlet filter
  • Long desiccant life
  • Durable metal pistons with replaceable Teflon® sleeves and guide rings


Dental 3T and 5T Compressors

Our Dental 3T and 5T compressors combine high performance with compact design. Reliable and highly durable, each unit is virtually maintenance-free and provides oil-free air with minimal power consumption. Available in single or duplex models with two blocks, Kaeser's Dental T-series compressors are a perfect choice for dental practices with up to 12 operatories as well as for medical and dental laboratories.

Use our Product Finder to quickly and easily find the dental compressor that meets your individual needs.

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