hlDental T-Series Compressors hr

3T, 5T, 3/2T, 5/2T

These proven dental compressors combine excellent performance with compact design. Highly durable and reliable, each unit is virtually maintenance-free and provides oil-free air with minimal power consumption. Available in single or duplex models, these compressors are the perfect choice for dental practices with up to 12 treatment areas and for medical and dental laboratories.

A new dryer system with our Permanent Power System (PPS) enables Kaeser's Dental T series reciprocating compressors to deliver a continuous supply of quality compressed air.  A soundproof enclosure is available for 3T and 5T series compressors. 


3T Compressors
for 3 to 4 operatories
(2 simultaneous users)

5T Compressors
for 5 to 6 operatories
(3 simultaneous users)

3/2T Compressors
for 7-8 operatories
(5 simultaneous users)

5/2T Compressors
for 10 to 12 operatories
(7 simultaneous users)