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hlDental 5/2T Duplex Modelshr

Kaeser standard dental compressors combine efficient, reliable performance with compact design. Each unit is virtually maintenance-free and provides oil-free air with minimal power consumption. Kaeser's 5/2T models are the perfect choice for dental practices with 10 to 12 operatories as well as for medical and dental laboratory use.
Thanks to the Permanent Power System (PPS),  Dental 5/2T reciprocating compressors deliver a continuous supply of quality compressed air to 7 simultaneous users.

Dental 5/2T models are duplex units with two sets of reciprocating cylinders.

For treatment units
Max. no.:
Max. duty cycle:100 %
Max. delivery volume at 80 psig18 cfm
Delivery with continuous
operation at 80 psig:
15.4 cfm
Maximum pressure (g):100 psig
Number of cylinders:2x2
Air receiver capacity:24 gal
Power supply:208-230 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz
Full load amps 30 A 
Motor power:2 x 3 hp
Dimensions:H 33 x W 22 x L 48 in
Weight:364 lb
Sound level:approx. 73 dB (A)